Sherwood Forest in England

Robin Hood’s Forest

I always wanted to visit the Sherwood Forest in England, mostly because of all of the stories of the legendary Robin Hood. And, to be honest, I imagined it to be such a huge pine tree forest with lots of small pathways leading through beautiful tall trees. But, it’s not. It’s not as grandiose as you might expect it to be. And just FYI it does not have any pine trees. It’s a different kind of forest. But it is still nice to visit. And a wonderful place to have a walk in summer or in winter. Scroll down to see the map and a list of possible walks in Sherwood Forest.

Walks in Sherwood Forest

There are four main walks and trails in Sherwood Forest, from 0.75 miles to 4 miles. To complete the shortest walk (Purple Trail) you’ll need about 30 minutes. On the other hand, for a long walk (Red Trail) you’ll need more than 2 hours. All of them passing the Major Oak (orange dot) in the middle of the forest.

Major Oak

One of the most famous trees in Great Britain. Major Oak in Sherwood Forest is sometimes referred to as the Robin Hood Oak.

Pictures of Sherwood Forest in England

Gallery of images from the forest.

Woody Debris in Sherwood Forest

Birds in Sherwood Forest

There are many types of birds in the forest. You can easily spot them at several bird feeders around the forest.

Sherwood Forest Map

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