Composition rules

Composition rules, tips and tricks. Short photography techniques that don’t waste your time. First of all you will find fun and easy free lessons about composition. Basic photo tips for new photographers and some advanced new photography techniques.

Also if you are new to photography or if you are looking for some inspiration – this website is for you. Moreover you will find many interesting compositional digital photo tips.

You might have heard about or even tried some of them but it is always good to review the composition rules and try to focus on one of them. If you manage to implement several of these techniques in your photoshoot you will definitely improve your photography and get impressive results.

Photo Tip - working the scene to improve the composition of a cute squirrel

Working the scene in composition

To take great pictures – move around. This technique is called moving around or working the scene. The idea behind it is that you should not take only one picture....

photo tip - patterns in composition on a beach

Patterns in composition

Patterns in composition create a sense of rhythm. Fill in the frame with a repeated pattern for a more interesting result. Predictable patterns create a very pleasing composition, as we...


Symmetry in composition

Symmetry in composition gives a sense of balance and proportion. It divides image into 2 equal parts and can be vertical or horizontal. Symmetry is a very powerful composition technique,...


Depth in composition

Adding depth to your image can be accomplished by several techniques. First of all you can use natural framing to create a three dimensional image. In addition try to include...


Frames in composition

Frames are widely used in nature and architecture photography. They focus viewers’ attention on the perspective and lead the viewer to the main subject. They also help to exclude unnecessary...

leading lines

Leading Lines

Leading lines draw viewers’ attention to the main subject and make images look more professional. This is a powerful technique in photography. The general rule is that you should avoid...

add a foreground

Add a Foreground

Including a strong foreground gives your image more depth. A foreground can be the starting point from which the viewer is looking at your picture. It can guide the viewer...

plain backgrounds

Use Plain Backgrounds

Plain backgrounds will help you to keep it simple. Try to avoid noisy backgrounds as they distract viewers from the main subject. The background of your image should be simple...

different viewpoints

Try Different Viewpoints

Do not photograph everything from your eye level. Change the angles and heights from which you are taking a picture. Experiment and try different viewpoints. Try shooting from a lower...

vertical composition of a statue

Vertical composition in photography

How often do you use vertical composition? Seems like most of the people don’t take a lot of vertical images (except for phone photography). That’s because taking pictures horizontally is...

don't center all the elements

Off-Center Composition

Using an off-center composition is one of the things that can differentiate you from beginner photographers. The idea behind this rule is simple. Don’t center important elements. Avoid placing the subject in...

rule of thirds

Rule of Thirds

The rule of thirds is one of the basic composition rules in photography. To balance your photo, imagine that your frame is divided by 2 horizontal and 2 vertical lines. Place...