Here you will find unique desktop images and backgrounds, as well as photos with animalslandscapescastlesflowers, cities and more. Explore our London and Montenegro collections. All of the images are individually made and have a personal touch to them.

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You can download the images for free and use them as wallpapers or desktop backgrounds on your computer or your phone. Customise your devices to make them look unique. All wallpapers are free of charge. You can preview them by clicking on an image. To download a wallpaper click the download button.

These images and backgrounds are unique because all of the images were taken by one photographer. Most of them are from England. Other landscapes are from Montenegro. Beautiful nature of these countries is reflected in landscape backgrounds you can find on this page. Browse the website for more unique content. You’ll find images with animals, travel images, and lots of fun free stuff for your inspiration.

If you want to improve your photography skills there is a section of the website dedicated entirely to photography tips and composition techniques.