Original, heartfelt and memorable birthday wishes in Ukrainian language. Whether it’s your Ukrainian friend, college, relative or a special someone from Ukraine here are the best birthday cards with wishes for them. Each image is accompanied by a beautiful birthday wish. When you open an image you will see the translation of the text next to it.

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Birthday wishes in Ukrainian language

Collection of unique wishes suitable for anyone.

Побажання безмежного щастя на день народження з бузком

Wishing you joyful moments and endless happiness!

побажання яскравого дня народження

Hoping that each new day is bright, happy and unique!

Привітання з днем народження в прозі з квітами Hoping that each moment of your life is happy and joyful

Birthday wishes for her

Birthday wishes for a female friend, woman / girl / wife / girlfriend. Unique birthday wishes and greetings in Ukrainian language with beautiful images for women. Amazing flowers, cakes and balloons.

Привітання на День народження з рожевим тортиком

Привітання до дня нароження з квітами

Formal Birthday wishes in Ukrainian

Suitable if you interact with the person in a more formal setting. These are wishes and greetings with politeness and respect (for elderly people, officials, teachers, etc.).

Побажання затишку і гармонії

Привітання з днем народження з чашкою квітів

Birthday greetings for a coworker (not formal)

Букет троянд у відрі з днем народження

побажання яскравого дня народження

Beautiful, personal birthday wish is an internal part of any birthday present. Congratulate your Ukrainian friends or colleagues in a very original way in Ukrainian language.

Birthday is a very special holiday that evokes the happiest emotions. Sincere greetings will make every birthday more atmospheric. Browse our wonderful collection of unique birthday wishes with contemporary greetings in Ukrainian language and find the right one for you.

If you know someone from Ukraine or someone who speaks Ukrainian language and want to wish them a very happy birthday you are at the right place. You can download them absolutely free, no registration needed, no hidden costs.

Download these wonderful birthday greetings and send them to someone very special. Express your attention in a unique way. Make their birthday even more memorable.

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