Happy Birthday in Ukrainian language

Happy Birthday in Ukrainian language

Want to wish happy birthday in Ukrainian language? Here you will find new, modern, original, heartfelt and memorable wishes and greetings in Ukrainian with beautiful images and pictures. Whether they are for your friend, college, relative or a special someone here are the best birthday cards with wishes for them. Each image is accompanied by a beautiful birthday greeting. When you open an image you will see the translation of the text next to it.

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How to say Happy Birthday in Ukrainian language?

If you were wondering how do you say Happy Birthday in Ukrainian language it is translated to “З Днем народження”.

Below are just a few of our beautiful birthday cards with the words Happy Birthday in Ukrainian language. You can download these images, photos, illustrations and animations for free and send them to someone fro Ukraine. No hidden costs or subscriptions required.

Beautiful happy Birthday animation in Ukrainian
Gorgeous roses with words Happy birthday in Ukrainian language
Animated birthday gif in Ukrainian

The images are free to download for non-commercial use only. Creative Commons license Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International

Birthday wishes in Ukrainian language suitable for anyone

Below you can find some birthday wishes suitable for anyone. Cards and greetings that are not gender or age specific.

As you probably know, in Ukrainian language there are different ways to address a person if you speak to them formally (like your boss or an elderly person) or informally (like close friends). But these greeting cards are universal and can be used in both cases because they don’t dress the person directly.

Formal Birthday wishes in Ukrainian

Suitable if you interact with the person in a more formal setting. These are wishes and greetings with politeness and respect (for elderly people, officials, teachers, etc.).

Beautiful birthday wish in Ukrainian with flowers
May your home be filled with peace, coziness, harmony
Peonies and birthday greetings for someone from Ukraine
May the bouquet of your destiny be only filled with the best flowers of joy, success, happiness, harmony and love
Ukrainian birthday wish with flowers in a cup
May the cup of your life always be filled with happiness, joy, abundance and love

How to wish someone happiness in Ukrainian

In Ukraine it is very common to wish someone happiness when you are sending them birthday greetings. It is also very common to wish someone joy, good health and fulfilment of all their wishes. Below are some images from out collection of unique birthday wishes.

Red roses and birthday wishes in Ukrainian
From the bottom of my heart, wishing you happiness and fulfilment of your dreams
Ukrainian birthday greeting with flowers
Wishing you the greatest happiness, the most magical flowers, the happiest events!
Animated Ecard in Ukrainian language with flowers and a birthday wish
See the world with happy eyes
Wishing endless happiness in Ukrainian language
Wishing you happy memories and endless happiness!
Roads to happiness signs
May all the roads lead to happiness
How to wish someone happiness in Ukrainian
Wishing you happiness and joy form life

Ukrainian Birthday wishes for a woman

Birthday wishes for her: for a woman / female friend / girl / wife / girlfriend. Unique birthday wishes and greetings in Ukrainian language with beautiful images for women. Amazing flowers, cakes, balloons, etc.

Ukrainian birthday greetings
May your every dream and every wish come true
Image with a butterfly and Ukrainian wishes
Wishing you cosiness in your home and warmth in your heart
You are wonderful in Ukrainian
I hope your birthday is as wonderful as you are!
Gorgeous peony flowers and birthday card message in Ukrainian language
May all your dreams easily come true and new ones surely appear
Ukrainian birthday wish with a cake
Wishing you boundless love, women’s happiness, fulfillment of dreams and everything that makes you happy!
Short birthday wish
Wishing you to be the happiest person

Beautiful, personal birthday wish is an internal part of any birthday present. Congratulate your Ukrainian friends or colleagues in a very original way in Ukrainian language.

Вітальна листівка з квітами та побажаннями світлого майбутнього українською мовою
Wishing you fulfilment of dreams and a bright future

Birthday is a very special holiday that evokes the happiest emotions. Sincere greetings will make every birthday more atmospheric. Browse our wonderful collection of unique birthday wishes with contemporary greetings in Ukrainian language and find the right one for you.

If you know someone from Ukraine or someone who speaks Ukrainian language and want to wish them a very happy birthday you are at the right place. You can download them absolutely free, no registration needed, no hidden costs.

Download these wonderful images with wishes and the words happy birthday in Ukrainian language and send them to someone very special. Express your attention in a unique way. Make their birthday even more memorable.

Formal and not formal greetings (for a colleague, friend, coworker)

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