З Днем Валентина

Happy Valentine’s Day in Ukrainian language

How to wish a Happy Valentine’s Day in Ukrainian language? In Ukrainian language the Valentine’s Day is also called the Day of people who are in love. You can say the following greetings in Ukrainian:

З Днем Валентина – (Happy Valentine’s Day)
З Днем Святого Валентина – (Happy St. Valentine’s Day)
З Днем закоханих – (Happy Day of those in love)

On this page you will find Images and E-cards with Valentine’s wishes in Ukrainian language. The cards are created with love by Ukrainian native speaker. Below each of the cards you will find a literal translation to English language. If you speak or understand Ukrainian, you can also visit our site in Ukrainian language here >> Українська версія сайту.

The images are free to download for non-commercial use only. Creative Commons license Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International

Happy Valentine’s Day animations in Ukrainian

There can’t be too many hearts on Valentine’s Day! Below are two great GIFs: animated cards with red hearts raining down from the sky and a big crimson heart made up of thousands of little hearts that sparkle and twinkle.

Beautiful animated Ukrainian Valentines Day cards. Simple, classic and elegant.

З Днем Валентина
Happy Valentine’s Day!
Анімація з Днем Святого Валентина GIF
Happy St. Valentine’s Day

Cute Valentine’s Day images gifs

Amusing and cute images for Valentine’s Day. Lovely penguin winking and opening his arms on a white background with cute hearts.

Валентинка з пенгвинчиком
I love you this much! It’s more than it seems.

Minimalistic Valentine’s cards

Beautiful minimalist valentine cards with a pink heart on a white background. My heart Belongs to you! Valentine’s Day is full of love and warm feelings. On this day, you want to pay more attention to the person who captured your heart.

моє серце належить тобі
My heart belongs to you

Original Animations with Happy Valentine’s Day wishes in Ukrainian

Beautiful Valentine’s Day animations with butterflies flapping their wings. Beautiful animated greeting card with St. Valentine’s Day gif with a butterfly flying over a bouquet of pale pink roses. Congratulate your significant other with Valentine’s Day on February 14.

Сердечко привітання з Днем закоханих
Happy Day of those who are in love
Валентинка з метеликом
Happy St. Valentine’s Day!

Original images for Valentine’s Day

What could be cuter then two halves of an avocado holding hands or fluffy cats hugging and looking at the moon? Do you have your second half? Picture “You are my soulmate” with smiling toy avocados on a green background.

Ти моя друга половинка
You are my second half!

Valentine’s Day wishes with cats

Fluffy cats and kittens on Valentine’s Day postcards will bring a smile and good mood to your significant other. Download cute and original cards for Valentine’s Day.

Валентинка з поцілунком
Sending you a kiss as a present

Not everyone celebrates Valentine’s Day (or the day of hearts, as it is also called). After all, you really don’t have to wait for a special day (which happens once a year) in order to tell your loved one how much they mean to you.

Ти наповнюєш моє серце любов’ю
You fill my heart with love

Happy Valentine’s Day cards for your loved ones

E-cards for the one you love (for her and for him) with red and pink hearts.

Валентинка коханій дівчині
For HER: Happy Valentine’s Day my love
З Днем Валентина, коханий
For HIM: Happy Valentine’s Day my love

And maybe on this day you want to confess your love for the first time. To say (or even shout to the whole world) that you are so deeply in love and can’t imagine a single day without your significant other.

Beautiful postcards, gifs and pictures for Valentine’s Day in Ukrainian language with hearts, flowers, butterflies, kittens and sweets. Congratulate your relatives and loved ones with this holiday (with the holiday of hearts). In order to download the postcard, click on the picture. A page with a picture that can be downloaded for free will open automatically.