What does a tabby cat look like

Tabby is a coat pattern and not a cat breed. Tabby cats have different patterns, such as dots, swirls, spots and stripes on their coat. Which is perfect for hunting and hiding as this coat pattern is a good camouflage. For instance, classic tabby cats have large swirls on their body. Spotted tabby cats have random spots on their coat.

Tabby cats also have a characteristic “M” shaped colour pattern on their forehead. This marking as well as the coat pattern are determined by the cat’s DNA.

Orange Tabby cats

Tabby cats are the most popular cats in the world. In fact, there are more tabby cats than any other type of cats today.

They have a very social personality. These cats are very friendly, lovable and playful. Orange tabby cats are considered to be the most social and friendly cats. One of the most famous orange tabby cats is Garfield 🙂

Tiger cat. Mackerel tabby cat

Mackerel tabby cats have parallel lines along the body, resembling a tiger. They are also known as Tiger cats.

The name Mackerel comes from the fact that with perfect straight lines the cat’s coat pattern resembles a skeleton of mackerel fish.

Patched tabby cat. Tortoiseshell

Tortoiseshell tabby cats cats have several different colours, usually patches of brown and red, in a tabby pattern on their coat. They are very active, dynamic and playful. Almost all of the tortoiseshell cats are female.

Images of Tabbys

Playful tabby cats

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Tabby Cats are adorable little creatures. Each with its own character and temper. It’s impossible not to love them.

The ancestors of our present day tabby cats are African and European wild cats. Even today the wild cats have similar tabby coat patterns as domestic tabbys.