For everyone who loves travelling the world (or just wants to discover UK). Here are some of the best locations and destinations to see and to explore.

Sunset at Kensington Palace, UK

London royal Palaces

Here is the list of best royal palaces located in or near London. Must see palaces in London: Buckingham Palace, Kensington Palace, Hampton Court Palace. Buckingham Palace One of the...

Elizabeth tower and Big Ben at night

London photo spots

Here are some of my preferred locations in London to take photos. While there are tons of places where you can take great pictures these are my personal favourites.

Beaumaris Castle in Wales

Beaumaris Castle, Wales

eaumaris Castle is one of the castles on North Wales Coastline that were build by King Edward I along with Conwy, Canaervon, Harlech, etc. It is also the last castle built by...

City surrounded by sea and mountains.

Magical Montenegro

Montenegro is definitely one of the most beautiful countries to visit. It’s ancient towns, the mixture of European and Eastern architecture, beautiful nature, twisty roads, sapphire Adriatic Sea and mild...

Marching guards in London

Changing the Guard Ceremony

Changing the Guard is one of the oldest traditions and one of the most recognisable in connection to Buckingham Palace. It dates back to 1660. The correct name for this...