7 sisters cliffs in England

Seven Sisters Chalk Cliffs – natural wonder of UK

Seven Sisters Cliffs are probably one of the 10 wonders of England, UK. The chalk cliffs are a must-see if you are in England. Firstly, because it is one of the most beautiful places on earth. Secondly, because it is very calming and relaxing there. You almost feel like you are on vacation.

The name Seven Sisters was given because are 7 chalk cliffs in a series.

Seven sisters landscape image

Chalk is not as strong as other rocks and is vulnerable to erosion. Every year chalk cliffs are eroding somewhere between 6 to 30 centimetres. Partially because of the climate change and stronger storms. And partially due to the difference in the management of the coastline. Thus the Seven Sisters Cliffs will not always stay the way we know them today.

Because of the erosion chalk cliffs may fall into the sea. Sometimes very large chunks of chalk collapse, especially after harsh winter conditions. For safety reasons it is advised not to come very close to the edge at the top of the cliffs and to be very careful walking underneath the cliffs as well.

Pictures of Seven Sisters chalk cliffs

The classic view on the Seven Sisters Cliffs.

Coastline with 7 white chalk cliffs

The best time to photograph Seven Sisters cliffs

One of the best times to photograph this spectacular scenery is in the afternoon. You will get the most contrast when the sun is about to set. This way the sun will light up the cliffs making them even whiter and giving them more contrast against the blue sky and the sea. Also, it seems that the tide will come in in the afternoon as well. This way the sea will cover all the rocks and muddy sea bottom near the cliffs.

Both images were taken on the same day. The first one was photographed in the morning. You can see the black sea bottom and the sun is not lighting the cliffs very well (as they are backlit). The second image was taken in the afternoon (around 4 pm). The position of the sun is perfect. The sun is lighting the cliffs directly (from the front). Plus the tide is in, so you don’t see that rocky black sea bottom any more.

Distance to Seven Sisters Cliffs from London

The distance to the Seven Sisters cliffs is about 90 miles (about 145 km). It takes a little more than 2 hours to get there by car if you are driving from London.

Postcode: BN25 4AD

White Chalk cliffs: how were they formed?

Chalk cliffs are rather rare. They can be found in only 5 countries of the world (England, France, Germany, Denmark, Northern Ireland). Somewhere bout 65 to 100 million years ago the skeletons of small sea creatures (when they died) fell to the ocean floor and formed white chalk. Pure white chalk was probably formed in the sea far from land, as it doesn’t contain any other supplements. But because of the collision of tectonic plates (African and European) the chalk was lifted up from the sea forming white cliffs.

7 sisters cliffs in England

White Cliffs of English Channel

Half a million years ago there was a physical bridge between France and England. It is now believed that this bridge acted as a dam and that it held back a huge lake. But at some point the dam was overtopped. This formed a waterfall, which later led to the erosion of the bridge. Further destruction of the land bridge could have been caused by an earthquake. English Channel was formed after this bridge collapsed and after chalk eroded away over thousands of years.

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