Young red deer, also called calf in Richmond Park

Richmond Park London. Old deer park.

Richmond Park is one of the largest parks in London (2500 acres, which is about 1000 hectares). It was a royal hunting park created as a deer park in 17th century.

Deer in Richmond Park

It is a “must see” park in London. Richmond Park is home to more than 600 red and fallow deer. Deer change their coats twice a year. In addition they change their antlers each year.

Red deer in Richmond Park

Red deer are native to England. They are the largest spices of deer in UK, as well as largest land mammals. They can weigh up to 190 kg and be up to 135 cm at the shoulder. Red deer have massive antlers. They prefer to live in woodlands and they are usually seen in herds. Red deer are rather big and tall compared to other deer species.

Male = Stag, Female = Hind, Young Deer = Calf

Fallow deer in Richmond Park

Fallow deer are smaller, they usually have white spots and broad and flattened antlers. They can reach a height of 95 cm at the shoulder and can weight around 80kg. Small fallow deer (also called fawns) resemble Bambi because of their dappled coat. They were introduced in 11th century by Normans for hunting purposes.

Male = Buck, Female = Doe, Young Deer = Fawn

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Isabella Plantation at Richmond Park

Isabella plantation is a beautiful woodland garden inside of a Richmond Park. It includes large trees and smaller shade plants and shrubs . It is beautiful in spring. Certainly it is very popular in April and May when azaleas and camellias bloom.

Azaleas at Isabella Plantation

Azaleas and Rhododendrons are clusters of flowers of various bright colours growing on shrubs. Some of them prefer shade and happily grow under tall trees. Others like some sun and only partial shade. They bloom in spring for several weeks. Some countries (Japan, Korea, Hong Kong) have festivals in spring celebrating the blooms of azaleas. However azaleas are toxic to humans, so try not to eat them.

Camellias at Isabella Plantation

Camellias are beautiful flowers that resemble peonies, magnolias or roses. They bloom in winter and spring, when nothing else is blooming yet. These shrubs are evergreen and they don’t like frosty winters and cold winds. Therefore temperate London climate (without freezing cold winters) seem perfect for them.

Richmond Park, London Postcode

Postcode: TW10 5HS

Richmond Park Map

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