Herd of young dappled deer in October

Deer background images

Beautiful red and fallow deer background images and desktop wallpapers free to download.

Deer in parks of London and UK

There are more than two million deer living in UK. They live in big parks and forests. One of the best places to see them in London is Richmond Park.

Herd of young dappled deer in October

Another wonderful place where you can see the deer in London is Bushy Park located near the Hampton Court.

You can read more about the best places to see and photograph deer in London in our article here>>

Red deer background images

They are the largest of all deer species in Britain. Red deer names: Male = Stag, Female = Hind, Young Deer = Calf

Fallow deer images

Fallow deer names: Male = Buck, Female = Doe, Young Deer = Fawn

Young dappled deer with white spots

Dappled deer are fallow deer. But when they are young they look like the Disney character little Bambi. They are so adorable and cute looking, you just can’t get enough of them.

Other inspirational images with deer

There are six types of deer in the UK: Red, Fallow, Roe, Sika, Muntjak (barking deer) and Chinese water deer. Our unique collection includes red and fallow deer which are the most common dear species in the UK.

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