Sheep near the ruins of an old castle in England

Sheep background images

Beautiful sheep background images and wallpapers in hd (1920×1080). Cute white sheep on the hills of England. The images were taken at different times of the year on various location of Great Britain.

Backgrounds with Sheep on a field

England does not have the most sheep in the world. But when you travel by car you will see these white fluffy creatures almost everywhere. Beautiful green hills are usually covered in white fluffy spots of big and little sheep.

Mother sheep with lambs

Sheep background images near ruined castles

As many studies show, sheep are rather smart creatures. They can recognise and remember up to 50 faces. They feel different emotions, from happiness to boredom. Sheep establish friendships with other sheep. They also have good defence mechanisms. For instance, their eyes are allow them to see behind them without turning their head, because of the shape of their pupils. They are also very good runners and can run up the hill very fast.

The sheep background images here show some of their behaviour and character of these white fluffy creatures.

You can find here sheep grazing on wide fields and sheep near old ruined castles, funny scared looking sheep and adorable young sheep babies (lambs). Download them for free as your desktop background or a phone wallpaper.

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