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Squirrel background images

Cute fluffy squirrels form the parks of London and the UK. Playful and joyful little creatures. Always hungry, always curious. Beautiful squirrel background images and desktop backgrounds in HD (1920×1080) free to download. Enjoy our collection of unique images of squirrels.

Cute squirrels with beautiful orange October autumn colours on a background.

Squirrel background images with flowers

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Grey squirrels are not native to UK. They were brought from North America to UK in 1800s. It is very rare to see a red squirrel nowadays. You will not find one in London. Because grey squirrels are larger, they can better compete for food and they are not so vulnerable to some disease. Due to this grey squirrels have outnumbered the native red squirrels. You can still find native red squirrels in Scotland, some parts of north England and Wales. The two species cannot actually live together for a long time.

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