Beaumaris Castle UNESCO

Beaumaris Castle, Wales

Beaumaris Castle in Wales
Beaumaris Castle is one of the castles on North Wales Coastline that were build by King Edward I along with Conwy, Canaervon, Harlech, etc. It is also the last castle built by Edward I in Wales.

The castle is located in Island of Anglesey. In order to build this castle, Edward I moved the whole population of the small village to the other side of the island.

“The perfect castle that was never completed”

The construction of the castle began in 1295 and continued for 35 years. However, Beaumaris castle was never fully finished, as Edward I ran out of money.

Beaumaris Castle – UNESCO world heritage site

This beautiful and very symmetrical medieval castle is very well preserved. You can see what the original castle looked like. The walls are intact. It hasn’t been modernised. It is part of UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The entrance to the castle was protected by many obstacles such as murder holes and arrow loops. You can still spot them today.

When the tide was high ships could actually sail into the castle dock to unload.

From the top of the walls, along the ramparts you can enjoy wonderful views of Snowdonia and of the Beaumaris town.

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