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Hampton Court Palace, London: the palace inside, photos and maps

Hampton Court Palace is one of the best royal palaces in London. It is enormous. You will need more than 4 hours just to see the inside of the palace, without even visiting it’s beautiful gardens. Photography inside the Hampton Court Palace is allowed, unlike many other palaces. Scroll down below to see more images and find out more information about this beautiful palace.

Hampton Court Palace inside

The palace has 4 courts. Base Court, Clock Court, Fountain Court and Chapel Court Garden. Fountain Court is one of our favourites. While you are not allowed to go inside the court, you can enjoy the lovely views from it’s many columns. You can find the plan of this palace below.

Henry VIII Kitchens at Hampton Court

Enormous kitchens used to prepare hundreds of dishes for Hampton Court Palace. But meals were not only about eating, they were used to display power and wealth. Sitting arrangements were important as they showed the hierarchy of the palace. For instance, exotic meals showed the wealth of the monarch.

King’s and Queen’s Staircases

Beautiful King’s and Queen’s staircases leading to their apartments.

Chambers and Galleries

Dining Rooms

Public and private dining rooms. Eating in public is an old tradition. The food was served in silver and gold plates.

Art and Paintings

Hampton Court showcases some of the very famous paintings and art works.

Out of the window views

Beautiful gardens you can see from windows of the palace are fit for the king (or queen). The glass of the windows is not clear white. It does not allow too much sun inside and if you look out of the window it acts as a subtle sepia filter (therefore not allowing the sun to hurt your eyes).

The Favourite

The palace is impressive. It was used as one of locations for the movie “The Favourite”. In the movie you can see it’s Fountain Court, Henry VIII Kitchens as well as Cartoon Gallery. In February 2019 there was an exhibition of some of the costumes from “The Favourite” in the Cartoon Gallery of the palace.

Hampton Court Palace Plan

Below you can find the Hampton Court Palace plan for your convenience.

Postcode: KT8 9AU

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