Bolsover castle on the hill with blue clouds - one of the best castles to visit in England

10 Best castles to visit in England

Here’s an overview of some of the most beautiful castles to visit in England. We’ve made this list based on our experience.

Windsor Castle

Photography location for Windsor Castle
Windsor Castle Quadrangle image

Windsor castle is one of the most expensive castles in England. Furthermore it is one of the biggest royal residences in the world. Country residence of her Majesty then Queen. She likes to spend weekends here.

Photography: You are not allowed to take any pictures inside the castle apartments as in most royal palaces and castles in UK.

Postcode: SL4 1QF
Distance from London: about 25 miles (40 km)

Leeds Castle

One of the most beautiful castles in England with amazing gardens, parkland and lakes. Black swans are the symbol of the castle and you can find many of them around the estate. The castle is located not far from London (about one and a half hour drive by car) and it is definitely worth the visit. Furthermore, you can turn your ticket into a one-year ticket and enjoy this marvellous location all year long.

Postcode: ME17 1PL
Distance from London: about 45 miles (73 km)

Bolsover Castle

Bolsover Castle is at the third place, because it is a bit further from London as the first two. Nevertheless it is a gorgeous castle.

The castle was built in the 17th century on the ruins of a Norman castle (medieval 12th century fort). The castle was not intended as a main residence, it was designed to impress and entertain powerful guests. The owner of the castle – William Cavendish – lived in a Welbeck Abbey, located nearby. In 1634 King Charles I visited the castle.
The Castle is owned by English Heritage. Visit the Riding school and enjoy the astonishing views from the castle.

Postcode: S44 6PR
Distance from London: about 160 miles (260 km)
Website: Bolsover Castle/English Heritage

Highcliffe castle

Built between 1831 and 1836 in Romantic Style for the diplomat Lord Stuart de Rothesay. The castle was used as home for more than 100 years, until two fires made it uninhabitable and it was abandoned in 1960s. The castle was purchased by Borough Council to prevent its deterioration. It has undergone several massive restorations. Highcliffe castle is a very popular venue for weddings, partially because of its location. The castle is standing on high cliffs overlooking the Isle of White. It is only a short walk away from beautiful sandy beaches.

Postcode: BH23 4LE
Distance from London: about 110 miles (180 km)

Arundel Castle

Beautiful castle in a small city overlooking the River Arun. Arundel is a repaired and remodelled medieval castle. It was built in 11th century by Roger de Montgomery (Earl of Arundel), the supporter and counsellor of William the Conqueror. The castle has been in the private property of Duke of Norfolk (the Howard family) for more than 400 years. It is one of the first country houses in which electricity was installed. In 1846 Queen Victoria stayed in the castle for three days.

Postcode: BN18 9AB
Distance from London: about 70 miles (110 km)

Framlingham Castle

This beautiful 800 year old castle was home to queen Mary I (also known as the “Bloody Mary“). Also the castle was once an Elizabethan prison, as well as a sanctuary for the poor. Enjoy spectacular views while you are taking wall walk on 10.5 meters high and more than 2 meters thick castle walls. The Castle is owned by English Heritage.

Postcode: IP13 9BP
Distance from London: about 120 miles (190 km)
Website: Framlingham Castle/English Heritage

Kenilworth Castle

900 year old medieval fortress. One of the finest Elizabethan England’s buildings. Also referred to as Elizabethan palace. Queen Elizabeth I stayed in the castle for the whole 19 days, when she visited her favourite Robert Dudley. Everything in the castle was made to impress. The Castle is owned by English Heritage.

Postcode: CV8 1NG
Distance from London: about 105 miles (170km)
Website: Kenilworth Castle/English Heritage

Warkworth Castle

Warkworth castle is located on a hilltop overlooking River Coquet. The castle was once home to a very powerful noble family – Percy family. You can find their lion badge carved into the walls of the castle. The house of Percy descended from a Norman William de Percy, who came to England in 1067 (after the invasion of William the Conqueror). Percy family still holds a noble title – Dukes of Northumberland. The Castle is owned by English Heritage.

Postcode: NE65 0U
Distance from London: about 320 miles (515 km)
Website: Warkworth Castle/English Heritage

Dunstanburgh Castle

Dunstanburgh castle stands on high cliffs overlooking the North Sea. It was one of the largest castles in Northumberland. The castle was built in 1313 as a fort on a by Thomas, Earl of Lancaster, who was executed for treason in 1322. Archeological discoveries show that the place where the castle stands was occupied during the Iron Age. The Castle is owned by English Heritage.

Postcode: NE66 3TT
Distance from London: about 330 miles (530 km)
Website: Dunstanburgh Castle/English Heritage

Tintagel Castle

13th century medieval castle built on cliffs. One of the most iconic places to visit. You will be amazed with dramatic views and breathtaking scenery of this place. It is definitely one of the beast castles to visit in UK. Also Tintagale Castle is said to be a birthplace of Kind Arthur. The Castle is owned by English Heritage.

Postcode: PL34 0HE
Distance from London: about 250 miles (400 km)
Website: Tintagel Castle/English Heritage

Walmer Castle

Walmer castle is a fort built for coastal defence. It was home to some of the well-known names. Don’t forget to visit the beautiful garden in the castle – Queen mother’s garden. The Castle is owned by English Heritage.

Postcode: CT14 7LJ
Distance from London: about 90 miles (145 km)
Website: Walmer Castle/English Heritage

Bonus castles to visit in England

Deal Castle

Deal castle is one of the first coastal forts built for defence from the continent. It was finished in 1540. It is on the list of best castles to visit because f it’s very symmetrical architecture and it’s location. You can always go to the beach after you visited this unique and very well preserved castle. The Castle is owned by English Heritage.

Postcode: CT14 7BA
Distance from London: about 90 miles (145 km)
Website: Deal Castle/English Heritage

Some of the most beautiful castles and fortress in England and the reason you should visit them. From Buckingham Palace to Tintagel Castle.

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