Marble Arch in London

MARBLE ARCH is one of the sightseeing spots in London. It is built from the white Italian marble (hence its name). It is a recreation of a Roman triumphal arch. Although, due to high costs, it was never completed. Most of the planned statues were never built.

Marble Arch was originally designed to be magnificent entrance to the Buckingham Palace. Actually it was first built in front of the Palace (1827-1830). But with time the palace was extended. A new wing was added.  And it made no sense for the arch to be so close to the Buckingham Palace. In 1851 the arch was moved to its present place. It was even used as a police post at one time. 

free image of the Marble arch in London with red double-decker bus
Marble Arch, London, UK

Marble Arch Map Location

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