Мирного неба в Новий рік

Wishing a peaceful sky in the New Year

Чарівна анімація з кроликом та побажанням мирного неба в новому році

Winter Holidays animation wishing a peaceful sky in the new year in Ukrainian language. A beautiful fluffy rabbit is sitting by the window and looking at the sky. And outside the window is a big full moon, bright stars and a little bit of magic and a holiday fairy tale. Santa Claus flies on his magical sleigh with reindeer, brings gifts to the children under the Christmas tree. Family comfort, peace and a little magic to everyone.

Сімейного затишку та мирного неба!
– Wishing you family comfort and a peaceful sky!

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The original and a very unique gif animation with the light brown rabbit wiggling its nose, and Santa’s reindeer flying across the starry sky.

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Beautiful greeting cards and animated pictures or the New Year with wishes in the Ukrainian language f for peace, comfort and well-being. Animations in Ukrainian with original images can be downloaded for free. Hover over the picture and it will open in a new window with a download button. Give a little festive mood and winter magic to your family, friends or colleagues from Ukraine.

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Побажання миру та спокою і новому році

The images are free to download for non-commercial use only. Creative Commons license Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International

Sincere wishes for a new year in Ukrainian language with rabbits. Fluffy, soft rabbits in photos with New Year’s greetings.

Новорічна анімація з чорним кроликом. Мирного неба та радості
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