Funny grey squirrel trying to eat the whole walnut, which does not fit in its mouth

Beautiful HD image (1920×1080) of a funny grey squirrel with a walnut in its paws. Free to download as a desktop wallpaper for your computer or your phone.

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Cute grey squirrel sitting on a tree trunk holding a walnut in its paws trying to eat it. But it’s too big and does not fit in its mouth. The image was taken in one of the parks in London. To see more adorable Images of Squirrels click here>>


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Grey London squirrel holding a nut in her paws in front of her nose. The squirrel is sitting under the tree brunches in one of London’s parks.

Grey squirrel eating a nut holding it with both paws

Grey London squirrel sitting on a tree trunk eating nuts. Cute Autumn image in shades of orange and brown.

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