add a foreground

Add a Foreground

Including a strong foreground gives your image more depth. A foreground can be the starting point from which the viewer is looking at your picture. It can guide the viewer to look further into the image.

  • Look for an interesting object closest to you which can be included in your photograph.
  • Use arches and natural frames as your foreground to create a sense of depth.

The main idea behind adding a foreground in composition is that it adds more depth to your image. Because a photograph is two dimensional, showing some depth can really help you create better images. To read more information on depth in photography click here. 

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Bonus tips

  • Try shooting from a very low angle to make the objects that are in front stand out and take a more prominent place (or be visible at all).
  • No matter what subject you are photographing it is always a good idea to get down to their level.

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