Depth in composition

Adding depth to your image can be accomplished by several techniques. First of all you can use natural framing to create a three dimensional image. In addition try to include a foreground in your photo to achieve this effect. Finally, add more depth to your image by using different perspective techniques listed below.

  • Linear perspectiveYou can add more depth to your photo by using leading lines. Parallel lines coming together at a vanishing point create this beautiful effect.
  • Size perspectiveLook for the line of receding objects of the same size (trees, lampposts). They create a size perspective as they seem to get smaller and smaller the further they are.
  • Atmospheric perspective can be achieved by photographing a landscape with hills and mountains on a foggy day. The further the mountains the lighter they appear.

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  • Photograph mountains on a foggy day to create a greater sense of depth.
  • Photograph receding objects such as columns and trees standing in one line.

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