Frames in composition

Frames are widely used in nature and architecture photography. They focus viewers’ attention on the perspective and lead the viewer to the main subject. They also help to exclude unnecessary empty space around the subject.

  • Frames don’t have to go around the whole scene. Hanging branches of a tree can help conceal an unimpressive sky.
  • Framing also add a sense of three dimensions to your photo.

Finding frames is not that difficult. When shooting inside use the doors for framing your subjects. Furthermore, look for hanging branches of trees, when outside. In addition to isolating your main subject, framing adds more depth to your photo and makes it more interesting. It is similar as to adding a foreground to your image.

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Bonus tips

  • Use larger apertures when framing your subject with branches/doors to make the foreground not too blurry. It’s always a good idea to make your frame recognisable and not just some black blurry spot (as if something got there by a mistake).
  • When framing with tree branches (with leaves) the image looks very nice backlit, as the leaves get a little transparency and shine against the sun. Although this might not always work as a lot depends on the conditions (brightness, position of the sun) and the specific situation in particular.

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