Symmetry in composition

Symmetry in composition gives a sense of balance and proportion. It divides image into 2 equal parts and can be vertical or horizontal. Symmetry is a very powerful composition technique, especially if you find it where it is not expected.

  • Symmetry creates a sense of harmony, but it can be very predictable.
  • Try breaking the symmetry and add a strong focal point in your image.

This composition technique is almost opposite to the off-center composition. The latter states that you should place important subject anywhere but in the centre of the image to improve your photography. While this might work for many cases, it is not always true. Keep in mind that symmetry in composition produces very strong images.

Bonus Tip

If you decide to place your subject in the middle of your image make sure it is exactly in the middle. If it is a little bit off – it will make your image look very unprofessional (like you made a mistake).

The placement of your subject should be a deliberate and a very conscious decision. This should be obvious from your images. If your composition is central – than it should be exactly in the centre! And if you mess it up a bit during the shooting process you can always centre your photo in the post processing (well, almost always.. so it’s better to get it right in camera).

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