Getting down to their level in photo composition

Getting down to their level

One of the best tricks in photographing small subjects is getting down to their level. This is because you will get a totally different perspective from what everyone is used to seeing. It does’t really matter what subject you photograph. This composition trick applies for flowers, animals, as well as everything else. By photographing them from their level, they will look more prominent in your image, making them the centre of attention.

Turing ordinary into extraordinary. Here are several examples of this technique (before and after it was applied).

Photographing a peacock in the field of spring flowers. By using a longer lens (compressing a foreground) and getting down to the subject’s level I was able to capture the image I had in mind. If you compare the two images, the first one looks like a snapshot (anyone could have taken it with their phone). The second one, on the other hand, looks more professional and unique.

However, it does not mean that photographing from above is wrong. It’s just that you will have a different feel to an image if you photograph your subject from their eye level rather than yours. At the end it’s for you to decide which one you prefer.

You can even say that this technique is connected to the rule of trying different viewpoints, as you are photographing your subject from an unusual angle. To sum up, try to photograph from different angles. Above all from the angles we are not used to seeing everyday. This is what makes the images unique and extraordinary.

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  1. This article is amazing, thanx a lot! I’m not a photographer, but now I know how to take a nice picture of flowers or small animals 🙂

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