different viewpoints

Try Different Viewpoints

Do not photograph everything from your eye level. Change the angles and heights from which you are taking a picture. Experiment and try different viewpoints.

  • Try shooting from a lower point. Looking up to your object will make the image more dramatic and dynamic.
  • Shooting from a higher point allows you to include more details at the foreground. It also makes your subject seem small and more fragile.

Bonus tips

We usually shoot from our eye level. Just because it is simple and doesn’t require any extra efforts. As a result changing the perspective makes your images stand out.

A good rule is to photograph small objects from their level. If you are photographing kids or pets get down to their level. Your pictures will improve instantly.

In addition, don’t forget to work the scene. Go around your subject and try different angles.  Shoot vertical images. Not everything has to be horizontal. Practice and try to get as many variations of your subject as possible (probably 10 variations is good enough… don’t get too carried our with this).

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