leading lines

Leading Lines

Leading lines draw viewers’ attention to the main subject and make images look more professional. This is a powerful technique in photography. The general rule is that you should avoid centering your vertical or horizontal lines as they will divide the image into 2 equal parts.

  • Diagonal lines make a very strong composition, especially if they start at the lower left corner and go up to the upper right corner (as in the first image).
  • Curved lines create a very pleasing composition. They lead your viewer through the image (the second image).

You can find leading lines almost anywhere. Most of the time you just need to look closer. Trees growing in a row, a fence near the road, edges of pavements all make good leading lines. Patterns can also be used as leading lines in photography. More information about patterns and tips on breaking the patterns are available in the article here.

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Mini assignment

Go outside and try to find diagonal lines near your house. Place your subject at the end of the line (if possible). Try using a telephoto lens and its maximum zoom to compress the image. Have fun with it!

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