photo tip - patterns in composition on a beach

Patterns in composition

Patterns in composition create a sense of rhythm. Fill in the frame with a repeated pattern for a more interesting result.

  • Predictable patterns create a very pleasing composition, as we know what to expect.
  • Unpredictable patterns create unusual and abstract images.

Breaking the patterns in composition

Finding a pattern can be difficult in itself. Finding a pattern that breaks is even more difficult. So the trick is to wait for someone or something to enter into your frame to break the pattern (once you have found it, of course). While this may take some time to get the image you want, it is worth it.

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Bonus tip

Try using a telephoto lens and zooming in on repeated subjects (columns, statues, bicycles, etc). This will compress the image and make the pattern look more uniform. Compressed patterns have a rather unique look to them, as it’s not something you see everyday.

Furthermore, patterns in composition are closely connected to the leading lines. Having many repeated uniform subjects in a row will lead your eye towards the end of it. Try placing something important at the end of your repeated patterns to draw viewers attention to it.

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