filling the frame with a cat - tips on composition

Filling the frame for strong composition

Filling the frame allows you to avoid uninteresting and distracting areas. In addition it makes the viewer concentrate on the subject itself. You can also exclude plain sky and unnecessary foreground and focus on what is most important.

  • Simplify the scene to draw attention to your subject. Use cropping to get rid of clutter.
  • Zoom in to get more details. Filling the frame allows you to enhance the details of your subject.
  • Dominant subjects are more dramatic. Their mood is more distinguishable, than in small subjects.

Final thoughts

Compact subjects can be lost in busy environments. While human eye can differentiate and concentrate on the subject itself, a camera captures everything that’s in a frame. Keep this in mind and double check that there’s nothing distracting before you take a photograph. Fill the frame with your subject if the background is cluttered and busy.

Be creative!

Zooming in on your subject and photographing only some details of it creates unusual and creative images. By eliminating only small parts of your subject you can find repeated patterns (stripes on a zebra, lines in a leaf, windows of a building, etc). Be creative and have fun with it!

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