vertical composition of a statue

Vertical composition in photography

How often do you use vertical composition? Seems like most of the people don’t take a lot of vertical images (except for phone photography).

That’s because taking pictures horizontally is more natural to us. First of all, we see the world this way. Also, that’s a normal way to hold your camera. Yet a lot of images look better the other way around.

  • Vertical compositions are more energetic. They suggest movement and strength.
  • Also these elements make your composition move upwards.

Try shooting vertically before turning your camera to its normal position. Make a conscious decision about the orientation of your image.

Final thoughts

Try to combine different elements of composition. First of all, move closer to your subject.  Most of the time your photo will improve after this simple step. Also look for symmetry in your image. Finally fill the frame with your subject. Experiment and have fun!

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