Photo Tip - working the scene to improve the composition of a cute squirrel

Working the scene in composition

To take great pictures – move around.

This technique is called moving around or working the scene. The idea behind it is that you should not take only one picture. Changing the perspective and distance to your subject can create a big difference for your final image. Take some time to think about the subject you are photographing and find the best way to capture it. Here are some questions you can ask yourself:

  • What is the best angle for this subject? Should I try shooting it from above/below?
  • Is that the best background I can get in this situation? What if I move a little to the right or to the left?

Bonus Tips

  1. Always try to get a safe shot before moving closer or changing your position. Especially if you are photographing animals. You might scare them off or they could move to some other place with less a beautiful background.
  2. Also, mind the light and its position relative to the subject. If you shoot in natural light, changing your position will change the way your subject is lit. Be mindful of that.

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