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Big Ben and Elizabeth Tower in photos, London, UK

Big Ben
is a very important London landmark. The name Big Ben actually rfers to the bell of the clock in Elizabeth tower. Although most people mean the clock and the tower when they say Big Ben and not the Great Bell.

Images of Big Ben and the Westminster bridge

The tower is 62 meters tall and has 334 steps inside of it.

Photography tips

You can take some of the most beautiful images from the other side of Thames river. There you can see the river, Westminster bridge together with The Palace of Westminster with a clock tower.

You can also take pictures from the parliament square gardens (see the images below). A simple London street view with this iconic landmark will look good. Or you might incorporate some of the foreground elements to your image.

You can include some of the red phone booths and passing red busses in your image. Just keep in mind that thousands of people pass this area each day. It is one of the most visited and photographed attractions in London. Thus it might be very crowded. Also, Elizabeth tower is smaller than it seems from the pictures and postcards. It is just 315 feet hight (that is 96 meters). Don’t expect to see a huge building when you get here.

Night images of Big Ben are also impressive. The clock and the tower are lit at night making it very easy to capture the night cityscape with this remarkable landmark. If you use longer shutter speeds, you can get a very smooth and silky water of the Thames river with beautiful night reflections.

Final Thoughts

If you are planning to visit London in the nearest future, you might be a bit disappointed. Because of the refurbishment works, which began in 2017, the tower and the clock are covered in scaffolding. Big Ben repair works should end in 2021.

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