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17 Pillars of Composition

Negative space rule planBphoto.comComposition is one of the most creative sides of photography. It depends on your individual style and on how you see the world around you. Good composition means that you photograph your subject in the most effective way. It is all about carefully choosing how to place the subject, shapes, colors, lines and textures within your photograph.

There are several rules and guidelines which you can use to instantly improve your photography. You can use them as a starting point, but don’t follow them blindly. You can always find exceptions to these rules. As your skills and confidence increase you will develop your own style and building composition will be an intuitive reaction to what you see around.

7 things to do

To improve your photography (no matter where you are and what you photograph) there are certain things you can do. In terms of composition, that is. The list is below. To read more about the items click on any of them. You’ll find a lot of useful short tips there.

7 things to look for

When you arrive at the scene there are certain elements you can look for to improve your composition. It is also a good idea to combine some of these elements with themselves or with the ones listed above. Don’t be afraid to experiment and have fun with it!

Advances Composition Techniques

Bonus tips

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